Commercial Carpet Cleaning


In addition to our many services, Double Clean also offers professional carpet cleaning in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary. Our deep cleaning process will ensure your carpets look their best!

Bringing Life Back To Carpets


The carpeted areas in most businesses take a lot of abuse all year round, especially when they’re high traffic areas for your customers or staff. Cleaning your carpets regularly can help not only extend their life but also make sure your space always looks tidy and professional.


Why Choose Us?


We’re no strangers to a dirty carpet but our experience and expertise are just one reason to work with Double Clean.


  • Free carpet cleaning estimates
  • We only use safe eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Carefully selected and professionally trained cleaning staff
  • We aim for no less than 100%  satisfaction


Why should I have my carpets cleaned?

Cleaning your carpets will extend the lifespan and improve the appearance for your customers and staff. It can also create a healthier environment by removing the dirt, dust, and pathogens that are tracked in from outside.

How long will it take to clean the carpets at my business?

This will vary depending on the amount of carpeted area that you need cleaned. Give our team a call and we’ll be happy to provide a free estimate for your project. You can select a one time clean or work with us to create a regular carpet cleaning schedule.

What should be done in preparation for the carpet cleaner?

Unless it’s part of our cleaning arrangement we advise that you vacuum your carpets before being cleaned. If possible we also suggest moving furniture or anything breakable.

How long before we can walk on the carpet?

You can walk on the carpet right away but for the best results we recommend limiting traffic until the carpet is completely dry.

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